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12. Who are Abaddon and Apollyon, Revelation 9:11?

"Abaddon" in the Hebrew tongue and "Apollyon" in the Greek both mean "Destroyer." "Destroyer" is the name of the "king" of the "locusts."

Unlike the usual hordes of locusts in nature, which have no leader, this swarm of "locusts" had a leader. (See #8.)

The "king" of the locusts is identified as the angel of the bottomless pit, who would be Wycliff himself. He is the "king" only in the sense of being "ruler" over the truths due at that period of time (Compare Matthew 24:47).

Wycliff was a "Destroyer" ("Abaddon" / "Apollyon") of error with the truth of his message!

The reference to his name in both Hebrew and Greek may be a subtle clue alluding to Wycliff's ministry being based on his translation of the Bible which was originally Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament).

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