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Revelation Answer to Question #14


14. What or who is the "sea"?
      (Revelation 18:21; 20:13; 21:1)

The Book of Revelation says that Babylon is thrown like a millstone into the "sea." Later the "sea" gives up the dead, and finally "there was no more sea." The "sea" is the turbulent, anarchistic masses of humanity.  "The wicked are like the troubled sea" (Isaiah 57:20).

Because the Bible is its own interpreter, we look to Psalms 46 where the "mountains be carried into the midst of sea; though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake . . ." (Vss. 2,3). In the same chapter, the "sea" is described as raging heathen, "The heathen raged and the kingdoms [mountains] were moved . . ." (Vs. 6).

In the Book of Revelation, Babylon—false Christendom—is thrown into the anarchistic masses of people and destroyed. Out of this raging sea class of people, the resurrection of the dead will proceed.

Both the actually dead and those counted as unsaved—the walking dead—will begin to be resurrected to perfection in God's Kingdom. Then there will be "no more sea."


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