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Revelation Answer to Question #5


5. How does Revelation climax?

Revelation actually climaxes the whole Bible.

In Genesis, Satan deceived Adam and Eve and plunged the whole race into death. In Revelation, Satan is first bound, then destroyed and the nations are healed (Revelation 22:2).

In Genesis, the ground is "cursed" (Genesis 3:17). In Revelation, "there shall be no more curse" (Revelation 22:3). All the unsaved during the great tribulation—as well as all who died previously—will have an opportunity to be healed and "take the water of life freely."

Genesis Revelation

Satan Deceives

Satan is bound, then destroyed

Man is Cursed

There shall be no more curse

Adam and Eve
are barred from
the Tree of Life

Trees of Life baring twelve manner of fruits for the healing of the nations available to "Whosoever will"

There is also another climax featuring the final contest of the "King of kings" with the antichrist forces.  Of course, the "King of kings" will triumph in that final confrontation.


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