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Verse 2
    The papacy is likened to these three former empires and the three beasts represent these empires in turn respectively. The Babylonian Empire was likened to a "lion" with its large mouth and loud roar which tends to paralyze by reason of its fierceness (Daniel 7:4). The king of Babylon tended to exalt himself and made great claims (Daniel 3:19; 4:30). This same trait was characteristic of the papacy with its "great and swelling words."

    The Medo-Persian Empire was likened to a "bear" (Daniel 7:5). This seems to aptly describe Darius’ method of taking Babylon, by, as it were, sticking his claws under the walls of the city and seizing it (Daniel 5:31). This same grasping tendency was characteristic of the papacy.

    The Grecian Empire was likened to a "leopard" (Daniel 7:6). This was a fitting emblem of the Grecian Empire under Alexander the Great, who would pounce upon nations and take them. This same trait was characteristic of the papacy, which first stealthily began to work as the "mystery of iniquity" in the early church.

    This class went forth to conquer and as they quietly grew in strength they gradually worked themselves into the position where they pounced upon the empire and rapidly gained control of it. The leopard is spotted or mottled, in one place liberal, almost light in appearance; in another black, corrupt, degrading and brutal; in other places neutral or tawny, corresponding to the natural depravity of the people. This was true with respect to both Greece and the papacy.


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