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THE 144,000



Verse 14

    The "white cloud" is pictured as being "white" to the Lord’s people because they are above this time of trouble. Those in the world see it as ominous and dark and forbidding. Also this "cloud" redounds to God’s glory because it is brought about by his righteous judgments.

Verse 18

    One other thought emerges here. There is only "one sickle" referred to as being thrust in by the angel of vs. 17 to reap the vine of the earth, but two angels figure into this one work [vs. 18, one from the altar with power over fire]. Much of Bro. Russell's writings do come into play here along with some additional understanding or clarifications on Revelation [coals from off the altar]. Notice a combination of a sickle and fire from the altar. This shows a harvest of the vine of the earth as well as fiery judgments.

Verse 20

     The Sinaitic manuscript gives the distance as 1200 furlongs instead of 1600 furlongs as the King James Version renders it. While the Sinaitic manuscript is detritus at this point, it is more likely 1200 than 1600 furlongs.

    A furlong is about one-tenth of a mile. Strangely enough we find the distance between Bozrah, where our Lord is pictured as treading the winepress (Isaiah 63:1-6), and Jezreel, where Jezebel was thrown from the window and trodden under the horses feet, is 120 miles or 1200 furlongs.

    This shows how both type and prophecy are fulfilled. Jezebel being a type of the false church and her awful death typed the death of the false religious systems.

     The treading of the winepress as prophesied [in Isaiah 63:1-6] is also fulfilled with equal truthfulness. Hence in this picture we have graphically shown the complete destruction of Christendom as shown in the Scriptures.


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