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144,000 AND THE



Verse 1
    The four segments in the divided house of Satan are called the "four winds of earth" (directed toward controlling society), whereas in Daniel 7:2 they are called "four winds of heaven" which in that time and place were false religions that were directed to control restless humanity in religion.
    Demons were endeavoring to control the minds of men through false religions. By way of contrast, these Revelation "winds" stem from demons trying to control the earth and are directed toward society and the various ideologies and religions to gain control of this fragile world.
    These may possibly be:
          (1) Humanists, such as in the Commonwealth of Russia and China;
          (2) Mega-religionists, such as third world nations and who are anti-imperialistic;
          (3) New-Agers and Islam, such as in Eastern religions and the middle-east;
          (4) Papacy and Protestants allied with Europe and the Western World.
     These spirit forces are directed toward controlling various groups of civil powers, such as: Conservative powers, Totalitarian powers, Nationalistic forces and pure Anti-imperialistic forces.

Verse 5
   Listing all twelve tribes by name seems to indicate, as Bro. Loomis suggested, that each tribe embodied special characteristics and temperaments. Bro. Loomis based his conclusions on the study of phrenology which was very popular in yesteryear, and which taught that there were 12 different types of personality and character traits. This thinking is no longer in vogue. However, lawyers and experts who are skilled in picking juries in high-powered criminal cases still use phrenology studies in selecting juries.
    We believe character traits do have something to do with God placing members in the body of Christ. The body of Christ, when complete, will be a marvelous blending to make the whole body extraordinarily complementary to other segments of the body.
    The call, selection and development of the body of Christ are only dimly understood now. However, in the years of eternity that lay before the church it will be a glorious ongoing study.

Verse 7
    Jacob had twelve sons who at his death became the 12 tribes of Israel. However, Joseph’s two sons Manasseh and Ephraim seemed to replace Joseph in the tribal arrangement, making 13 tribes.
    God allowed this but his plan only provided for twelve tribes. Subsequently Dan failed to claim his inheritance and became one of the lost tribes of Israel. Ephraim is not mentioned here in Revelation. He is replaced by his father Joseph and Manasseh replaces Dan.
    God’s predestination included twelve tribes but did not guarantee any tribe a place in the Revelation tally without works of faith.


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