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Revelation Answer to Question #11


11. Who are the 2 witnesses of Revelation 11:3,4?

The "two witnesses" are the Old and New Testaments which prophesy for the same period of time the saints are worn out (Daniel 7:25) and the "Little Horn" speaks blasphemy (Daniel 7:8) and the Leopard Beast makes war (Revelation 13:4-7)1260 years.

During the oppression of the church, the Bible—the Old and New Testaments, although hidden in the dead language of Latin, still had divine authority, "fire proceedeth out of their mouth" (Revelation 11:5).

Although the Bible predicted the end of papal oppression of 1260 years—still the Scriptures did not seem vindicated or appreciated and so laid "in the street" of Christendom.

After three and one half years (symbolic "day" = literal year), the need for a Bible Society was advocated in May 1803. The following year, 1804, the first Bible Society was formed.  (See footnote on Revelation 11:11 for more information on Bible Societies.00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes))  Between the years 1803 and 1816, many of the great Bible Societies were organized. Only then did the printing of affordable Bibles in every language have a wide distribution to all nations.

With this mass circulation of Bibles in native languages finally available to the common man, the "two witnesses," the Old and New Testaments, were thus exalted in the ecclesiastical heaven.


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