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The Sixth Trumpet
and Second Woe

CE 1517-18 to 1878

    The sixth "trumpet" has more biblical verses to cover this period than any other "trumpet" message. From Revelation 9:13 to 11:14 we find material relating to the sixth "trumpet," much of which extends beyond Luther’s ministry and may be attributed to the Lord’s personal intervention and unleashed power of the Scriptures.
    Revelation 10 and parts of 11 are parenthetical chapters. We are lifted from the sixth messenger's ministry into the larger scope of events rapidly shaping for the harvest work of the seventh trumpet.
    The French Revolution of Revelation 11:13 and other related events in this chapter had little to do with Luther’s message. The dynamics of events were becoming very potent. Events such as the French Revolution were casting their shadow before the final fall of the Great City Babylon. Suddenly, we find the Bible ascending to the center stage after its seeming demise. "Truth crushed to earth, shall rise again, the eternal years of God are hers."

"And the sixth angel [messenger, Luther] sounded, and I [the John Class] heard a voice [message] from the four horns of the golden altar [the power of the altar of the sacrificing Christ, the church with its divine Head] which is before God [the divine presence]." Revelation 9:13

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Luther's Ninety-Five Theses


     "Saying to the sixth angel [messenger, Luther] which had the trumpet [Reformation message], Loose the four angels [basic divisions of Protestantism: Lutheran movement, Baptist movement, Congregationalist-Methodist movement, and the Presbyterian movement] which are bound in [above] the great river Euphrates [the peoples who support papacy]. Revelation 9:14

    The river Euphrates is mentioned here as it is also mentioned in the sixth "plague" of Revelation 16:12. However, the difference is very great. The sixth "trumpet" message releases the reform forces in the river Euphrates. In stark contrast, the sixth "plague" when poured on the river Euphrates dries the river, or turns aside the people who support false religious institutions, additionally preparing the way for the "kings [the glorified Christ] from the east [sunrising]."

     "And the four angels [basic divisions of Protestantism] were loosed, which were prepared for an hour [the harvest period], [and a daynot in Sinaitic], and a month, and a year [a month of 30 plus a year of 360 = 390 years], for to slay [by disassociating from] the third part [the right-hearted] of men [Christiansfrom anti-Christ's followers]." Revelation 9:15 (See footnote in the "Interpreted Rendering" for Revelation 9:15).

      "And the number of the army of horsemen [professed Christians who promoted Protestantism] were two hundred thousand thousand [or 200 million]: and I [the John Class] heard [was informed] the number of them [THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES, Page 16,00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes) where it is recorded that there were 116 million Protestants and 84 million Greek Catholics which totals 200 million who opposed the papacy]." Revelation 9:16

     "And thus I [the John Class] saw the horses [doctrines] in the vision, and them that sat on them [or used them], having breastplates [of righteousness or justification] of fire [to destroy as fire], and of jacinth [the reddish-yellow flame which comes from burning], and brimstone [sulfur, which would show its power to destroy opposition from the papacy]: and the heads [logic and reasonableness] of the horses [doctrines] were as the heads of lions [in harmony with the attribute of God’s lion of justice or justification by faith, which restored the truth of the vicarious sacrifice of Christ offered once for all instead of the Mass]; and out of their mouths [proclamations of these doctrines] issued fire and smoke and brimstone [destructively pointing out the sins of papacy, and destroying many as adherents of the false church while converting them to Protestantism]." Revelation 9:17



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Tetzel Selling Indulgences

Martin Luther
restored the doctrine of

the "corner-stone"
of the Reformation.

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   The doctrine of the vicarious sacrifice of Christ, which had been offered once for all sins, was lost sight of by the Papal doctrines of the Mass, Purgatory, and Indulgences.


    "By these three [fire, smoke and sulfur] was the third part [right-hearted] of men [Christians] killed [converted], by the fire [destructive influences of fire], and by the smoke [recollections of destruction] and by the brimstone [deadly fumes of sulfur], which issued out of their mouths [agencies of proclamations]." Revelation 9:18

    "For their power is in their mouth [logic and teaching], and in their tails [tails can be those who teach lies or truth (Isaiah 9:14, 15)]: for their tails [those who teach] were like unto serpents [wise as serpents], and had heads [of logic and reasonableness], and with them they do hurt [afflict the false church]." Revelation 9:19

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Martin Luther
Branded a Heretic by Papacy


    "And the rest of the men [nominal Christians] which were not killed [converted] by these plagues [notice that these doctrines and teachings of this second "woe" are called "plagues"] yet repented not of the works of their hands [man-made conceptions of religion], that they should not worship devils [devilish creeds], and idols of gold [man-made imitations of gold or divinity and Christianity], and silver [imitation truths], and brass [copper representing make-believe justification], and stone [not the true Rock which is Christ], and wood [soft wood not fit to build with]: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk [have no value or power]." Revelation 9:20

    "Neither repented they of their murders [converted from their ex-communicating practices], nor of their sorceries [superstitious practices], nor of their fornication [pollutions with the civil powers], nor of their thefts [misappropriations]." Revelation 9:21

    Revelation 9:13-21 gives the early effects of the sixth "trumpet" message delivered by Luther. However, other more important events were rising on the horizon to profoundly affect the Christian world. Our Lord was beginning an involvement by planting his feet upon the "sea" (the restless masses) and upon the "land" (stable society), awakening hopes in the hearts of these classes.
    From 1829 the hope of our Lord’s return blossomed in the hearts of the Lord’s people. Although only dimly understood, yet it awakened a new dimension in this Reformation period. The burning issue was no longer to reform the church and state relationship, but now our Lord’s Second Advent took the center stage.

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Chained Bible of the Middle Ages


    Revelation 11:3-12 focuses upon the "two witnesses" of the Old and New Testaments. It reveals how the Bible was kept out of reach from most of the Christian world. The Scriptures were clothed in "sackcloth" for 1260 years from CE 539 to 1799. Not only was the Bible chained in secluded monasteries, but it was also written in dead languages rather than the vernacular of the people.
    The year 1799 was supposed to end the sad condition of the Word of God, but the French Revolution had failed to end the power of the papacy. For three and one-half years after 1799 nothing seemed to change. It seemed the prophecies that brought us to 1799 were going to change nothing after all.
    However, in May 1803, the Religious Tract Society passed a resolution for a Bible Society to make the Scriptures available to the world. This was exactly three and one-half days of years the two witnesses lay in the streets of "Sodom" (Christendom) and "Egypt" (the world) until they received a "breath of life from God" (Revelation 11:4-12).
    The following year, 1804, the first Bible Society was formed and the "earth" which had neither "dew nor rain" for 1260 years was soon to be flooded with the Holy Scriptures. Their first meeting in 1803 served as a "cloud the size of a man’s hand" which the Elijah class recognized as the promise of rain (1 Kings 18:44). Quickly these "two prophets" "stood up on their feet" (Revelation 11:10, 11).

BibleSocieties1.jpg (10771 bytes)
Bible Societies Made Bibles Available


    The Philadelphia period of the church had an "open door" before it (Revelation 3:8). The Reformation that Luther had started was accelerating. The full weight of the Scriptures could no longer be suppressed. As people studied their Bibles, it became clear that Jesus’ Second Advent was central to the Word.

    The Miller movement made some serious mistakes, but one thing they knew for certain was the importance of Christ’s return. Though disappointed and humiliated before the world, a nucleus regrouped in deep study and prayer and became the "cleansed sanctuary" in 1846.

Miller2.jpg (21904 bytes)
Second Adventist
Prophecy Chart

Miller02.jpg (9310 bytes)
William Miller
[Late 1840's]

    All these events were moving brilliantly toward the "harvest" with which the age would end. The "door" of the Reformation was kept wide open and no one was able to close it. Heaven knows, they certainly tried.

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The French Revolution

"And the same hour was there a great earthquake [revolution], and the tenth part of the city fell [the French part of the Roman Empire fell], and in the earthquake were slain [abolished] of men seven thousand [titles of menthe French Revolution destroyed the royal house with all its titled entourage. This amounted to some 7,000 titles in all]: and the remnant [of Christendom] were affrighted, and [thus the wrath of man] gave glory to the God of heaven." Revelation 11:13

    This verse focuses on the terrible French Revolution which unleashed the pent-up anger of the people against the dreadful excesses of the Royalty and the papal ruling authority. Royalty and priestcraft suffered at the hands of the enraged masses.

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The French Revolution


    Unlike the American Revolution that followed Christian values, godless leaders led the French in a bloody uprising not only against royalty and priestcraft, but  against the Bible and everything associated with it.
    One other factor entered the equation. France had never had a chance to change its oppressive form of government. Many other countries of Europe and the shining example of the United States were before the eyes of the people of France. They had waited too long.

When the people stormed the Bastille in 1789 and saw how evilly and brutally the hapless victims were treated there, their rage burst forth in full fury.

No one could fully comprehend the brutality of the Royalty and the Priests.

Heretics01.jpg (8313 bytes)

Heretics burned in Paris in the shadows of the Bastille dungeons.

The French Revolution was a just retribution for the evils perpetrated by Royalty and Priests.

FrRevGuillotine02.jpg (11138 bytes)
The French Revolution's
"Reign of Terror"
[Knitting Women Counted the
Guillotined Heads]

Trumpe12.jpg (10956 bytes)

King Louis XVI declared,
"I die innocent," before 20,000 spectators at his execution.

    While the Revolutionary forces seemed at times excessive in the punishments meted out, yet when contrasted to the cruelty practiced in the Bastille, it seems a just recompense. They only saw one Bastille at the first, but later they found many like it. They also remembered the pride and vanity of both church and state.
    The French Revolution became a wake-up call to all of Europe. The gains secured by the common people could not be taken away from them ever again. Royalty and priestcraft had to become very conscious of the people. The old "business-as-usual" ended. While kings and priests came to power again, the Lord was planting "his feet" on the "land" and "sea." Preparations were underway for the church-and-state way of doing things to come to an inglorious end starting in 1914.

"The second [trumpet] woe [plague] is past; and, behold, the third [trumpet] woe [plague] cometh quickly." Revelation 11:14

    The seventh messenger, Charles Taze Russell, was about to sound. If we saw events accelerate through the Philadelphia period of the church under the sixth "trumpet," the tempo of change exploded in the world and in the nominal church because of the Lord’s presence. It must be realized that the powers of darkness endeavored to thwart and hinder the Kingdom from coming to earth.
    The counterfeit kingdom put every roadblock in the way
all to no avail. The King and his Kingdom at last arrived to vanquish his foes and set up his Kingdom in power and great glory.


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