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1. And when he [the meek and humble One] had opened the seventh seal [of obscure prophecies of the Laodicean period, "just people," Diaglott, covering from CE 1874-78 to the end of the harvest], there was silence in heaven [the ecclesiastical heavens] about the space of half an hour [about or generally half of the harvest hour, perhaps somewhat less, which is also a part of the hour of temptation. While the harvest message was going forth Babylon seems to have been unable to respond as expressed in Jeremiah 8:14: "The Lord our God hath put us to silence, and given us water of gall to drink"].

2. And I [the John Class] saw the seven angels [messengers, Paul, John, Arius, Waldo, Wycliff, Luther and Russell] which stood before God [who were in the presence of God]; and to them were given seven trumpets [proclamations of liberty to be delivered in each allotted time period].

3. And another angel [messenger, Christ] came and stood at the altar [to offer acceptable sacrifice], having a golden censer [the divine will to sacrifice as a New Creature his full ability]; and there was given unto him much incense [perfect New Creature ability and will, his two hands full, to offer to God], that he should offer it [fulfil his vows of consecration as a New Creature] with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar [where New Creature sacrifices are made] which was before the throne [the divine authority].

4. And the smoke [remembrance or evidence] of the incense [perfect sacrifice], which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up [by the authority of Christ] before God out of the angel’s [Christ’s] hand.

5. And the angel [the divine Christ] took the censer [humanity-consuming trials and experiences which had resulted in his sacrifice], and filled it with fire of the altar [coals of fire judgments], and cast it into the earth [upon the Jewish society]: and there were voices [proclamations], and thundering [controversies], and lightnings [illuminations], and an earthquake [upheavals that took place after the Lord’s death as part of the judgments against the Jewish nation consummating in its destruction around CE 70].

6. And the seven angels [messengers] which had [delegated to them] the seven trumpets [proclamations of trumpet messages] prepared themselves to sound [awaited their turn to sound instructed by our Lord].

7. The first angel [messenger—Paul] sounded, and there followed hail [hard, distressing truth] and fire mingled with blood [accompanied by righteous, life threatening judgments], and they were cast upon the earth [stable society—notice that the first trumpet message is directed toward earth as is the first of the seven last plagues in Revelation 16:2]: and the third part [the right-hearted] of trees [prominent men] was burnt up [were converted], and all green grass [men sufficiently alive to receive or absorb the water of truth] was burnt up [were converted].

8. And the second angel [messenger—the Apostle John] sounded, and as it were a great mountain [kingdom—Rome] burning with fire [being subject to Christian conversion] was cast into the sea [brought into contact with the barbarians or restless masses, bringing a blessing to them—notice also that the second of the last plagues was directed toward the sea (Revelation 16:3) bringing the pain of change]; and the third part [the right-hearted men] of the sea [the restless barbarians] became blood [were converted or lost their lives to their former condition].

9. And the third part [right-hearted] of the creatures [people] which were in the sea [among the restless masses], and had life [who had spiritual vitality], died [gave up paganism or died to their condition]; and the third part [righteously inclined] of the ships [those in the temples of the Roman provinces] were destroyed [to paganism].

10. And the third angel [messenger—Arius] sounded, and there fell a great star [leader] from heaven [ecclesiasticism], burning as it were a lamp [bringing light as a messenger to the church], and it [the lamp of Arius] fell upon the third part [right-hearted] of the rivers [the sources of religious teachings upholding Babylon], and upon the fountains of waters [the theologians and teachers—the sources of religious teaching]; [Please notice that the third of the seven last plagues is poured out on the "rivers and fountains of waters" turning them to blood, that is, making them abhorrent or deadly (Revelation 16:4), but here the messenger’s message brought a blessing to the right-hearted].

11. And the name of the star [messenger] is called Wormwood [Bitterness]: and the third part [the right-hearted] of the waters [the former upholders of Babylon] became wormwood [the teachings of Babylon became bitter]; and many men [nominal Christians] died [ceased to exist] of the waters [because of the teachings], because they were made bitter [realized them to be false and obnoxious].

12. And the fourth angel [messenger—Waldo] sounded, and the third part [right-hearted Christians] of the sun was smitten [those converted realized that the sun, the Gospel light had been darkened], [Please notice that the fourth of the seven last plagues (Revelation 16:8) is poured on the sun but the effect is quite different, for it turns up the heat of the Gospel sun so that it scorches them—but in this verse the right-hearted realize they had not received enough sun-light.] and the third part of the moon [the Mosaic Law had been obscured], and the third part of the stars [apostolic lights had darkened]; so as the third part [right-hearted] of them was darkened [they realized that darkness or error had supplanted the light of truth], and the day shone not for a third part of it [they realized the Gospel light did not reach them] and the night likewise [they realized the reflected light of the Mosaic Law did not appear unto them, in other words, they were blessed with an awakening to what was happening].

13. And I [the John Class] beheld [discerned], and heard an angel flying ["an eagle crying with a loud voice," the Word of God flying on the wings of the Old and New Testament] through the midst [mid-heaven] of heaven [as the Word circulated among those who separated themselves from Babylon and who no longer recognized the spiritual authorities there for now they are in mid-heaven instead of the former ecclesiastical heavens], saying with a loud voice [proclamation], "Woe! Woe! Woe! to inhabiters of the earth [nominal Christians] by reason of the other voices [proclamations] of the trumpet [messages] of the three angels [Wycliff, Luther and Russell], which are yet to sound [by reason of the remaining three woe trumpets or proclamations, that is, the fifth, sixth and seventh trumpets would be woe messages]!



1. And the fifth angel [messenger—Wycliff], sounded, and I [the John Class] saw a star [one of the "seven stars" that Jesus held in his right hand—Wycliff] fall from heaven [separated himself from supporting ecclesiasticism] unto the earth [common people of society and was sheltered by the civil powers]: and to him was given the key [authority] of the bottomless pit [to release that which was restrained and suppressed—truths].

2. And he [Wycliff] opened the bottomless pit [released suppressed biblical truths]; and there arose a smoke out of the pit [evidences that truths had been suppressed], as the smoke of a great furnace [this evidence was very pronounced]; and the sun [the Gospel according to the creedal teachings] and the air [influence of the evil spirits] were darkened [diminished] by reason of the smoke of the pit [evidence that truths had been restrained and suppressed].

3. And there came out of the smoke [evidence] locusts [truths which had been suppressed and restrained] upon the earth [stable society]; and unto them [the locusts or truths themselves which appeared unto society] was given power, as the scorpions [schools] of the earth [society] have power [that is through teaching and education].

4. And it was commanded them [these truths were directed] that they should not hurt [bring pain to] the grass [common people] of the earth [society], neither any green thing [with spiritual vitality], neither any tree [prominent people]; but only those men [Christians] which have not the seal [enlightenment] of God [the holy Spirit of God] in their foreheads [intellects].

5. And to them [these locust truths] it was given that they should not kill them [or convert them], but that they should be tormented [troubled] five months [one hundred and fifty years]:00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes) and their torment [trouble] was as the torment of a scorpion [teaching and education], when he striketh a man [causing pain because others saw through their errors and practices, also, a scorpion has two stingers in his tail, which in effect delivers teachings from the Old and New Testament].

6. And in those days shall men [those without the enlightenment of the holy Spirit] seek death [a change or conversion from their position], and shall not find it; and shall desire to die [be converted] and death [conversion] shall flee from them [change was not then to be attained].

7. And the shapes of the locusts [truths] were like unto horses [doctrines] prepared unto to battle [combat]; and on their heads [the priests of these truths] were as it were crowns like gold [with divine authority], and their faces [appearance of these truth bearers] were as the faces of men [Christians].

8. And they [the locust truths] had hair [justification] as the hair of women [an ample covering], and their teeth [rending criticisms] as the teeth of lions [of divine justice].

9. And they [the locust truths] had breastplates [righteousness], as it were breastplates [righteousness] of iron [which are impregnable]; and the sound of their wings [messages Scripturally supported by the wings of the Old and New Testaments—wings of an eagle] was as the sound of chariots [the message of organizations] of many horses [doctrines] running to battle [prepared for controversy].

10. And they [the locust truths] had tails [teachings] like unto scorpions [were sponsored by teachers who were like scorpions who inflict painful irritations], and there were stings [painful irritations] in their tails [caused by these teachers]: and their power [ministry] was to hurt men [afflict those men in the church who had not the enlightenment of the holy Spirit] five months [one hundred and fifty years.]  00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes)

11. And they [the locust truths] had a king [these truths had a king, the Bible] over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit [messenger of restraint and suppression to the unenlightened], whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon [Destroyer], but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon [Destroyer].

12. One woe [the fifth trumpet] is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter [by reason of the two remaining trumpet messages].

13. And the sixth angel [messenger—Luther] sounded, and I [the John Class] heard a voice [message] from the four horns of the golden altar [the power of the altar of the sacrificing Christ, the church with its divine Head] which is before God [the divine presence],

14. Saying to the sixth angel [messenger—Luther] which had the trumpet [Reformation message], Loose the four angels [basic divisions of Protestantism—Lutheran movement, Baptist movement, Congregationalist-Methodist movement, and the Presbyterian movement] which are bound in [above] the great river Euphrates [the peoples who support papacy].

15. And the four angels [basic divisions of Protestantism] were loosed, which were prepared for an hour [the harvest period], [and a day—not in Sinaitic], and a month, and a year [a month of 30 plus a year of 360 = 390 years], for to slay [by disassociating from] the third part [the right hearted] of men [Christians—from anti-christ followers]. 00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes)

16. And the number of the army of horsemen [professed Christians who promoted Protestantism] were two hundred thousand thousand [or 200 millions]: and I [the John Class] heard [was informed] the number of them [in THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES, page 16, it is recorded that there were 116 million Protestants and 84 million Greek Catholics which totals 200 million opposers of Papacy].

17. And thus I [the John Class] saw the horses [doctrines] in the vision, and them that sat on them [or used them], having breastplates [of righteousness or justification] of fire [to destroy as fire], and of jacinth [the reddish-yellow flame which comes from burning], and brimstone [sulfur, which would show its power to destroy opposition from the papacy]: and the heads [logic and reasonableness] of the horses [doctrines] were as the heads of lions [in harmony with the attribute of God’s lion of justice or justification by faith which restored the truth of the vicarious sacrifice of Christ offered once for all instead of the Mass]; and out of their mouths [proclamations of these doctrines] issued fire and smoke and brimstone [destructively pointing out the sins of papacy and destroying many as adherents of the false church while converting them to Protestantism].

18. By these three [fire, smoke and sulfur] was the third part [right-hearted] of men [Christians] killed [converted], by the fire [destructive influences of fire], and by the smoke [recollections of destruction], and by the brimstone [deadly fumes of sulfur], which issued out of their mouths [agencies of proclamations].

19. For their power is in their mouth [logic and teaching], and in their tails [tails can be those who teach lies or truth (Isaiah 9:14, 15)]: for their tails [those who teach] were like unto serpents [wise as serpents], and had heads [of logic and reasonableness], and with them they do hurt [afflict the false church].

20. And the rest of men [nominal Christians] which were not killed [converted] by these plagues [notice that these doctrines and teachings of this second woe period are called plagues] yet repented not of the works of their hands [man-made conceptions of religion], that they should not worship devils [devilish creeds], and idols of gold [man-made imitations of gold or divinity and Christianity], and silver [imitation truths], and brass [copper representing make-believe justification], and stone [not the true Rock which is Christ], and wood [soft wood not fit to build with]: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk [have no value or power].

21. Neither repented they of their murders [converted from their ex-communicating practices], nor of their sorceries [superstitious practices], nor of their fornication [pollutions with the civil powers], nor of their thefts [misappropriations].


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