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Part I

Why Is Our Text Mentioned
Under the Sixth Seal?

What Do We Know
about the "Four Winds"?

Part II

"I Have Spread You Abroad"

"Four Winds of Heaven"

Zechariah 6
Spirit World's Influence in Religion

Part III

Daniel's "Four Winds" Abated

The Rulers of Darkness

"Four Corners of the Earth"

Great World Religions

Why "Winds of Earth"
Instead of "Heaven"?

Part IV


A Church Pulled in All Directions

Identifying the
 "Four Winds of Earth"

The Piggyback Globalists

Part V

What or Who are the "Four Angels"
Holding the "Winds"?

"Till We Have Sealed the
Servants of Our God

"Sealing" the Saints

Part VI

"Dragon, Beast and False Prophet"
Revelation 16
Last Plague Poured Out on  the "Air"

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Part IV

Pope John Paul II versus Russia
And the West for Control of the
New World Order
By Malachi Martin

    Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit and professor at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute, writes about the Catholic Church and the present pope. Malachi Martin is a consummate insider in the Vatican and one of its intelligence experts.

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St. Peter's Basilica

In his book, he takes us inside the Vatican and gives us a view from Pope John Paul II’s eyes.

This refers to the Polish Pope Karol Wojtyla.

This book is quite informative.


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A Church Pulled in All Directions

    When Wojtyla came to power, there were forces (evil spirits) at work wrenching the Catholic Church in all directions. Units within the church, calling themselves the "American Church," the "French Church," the "German Church," "WomenChurch," the "Homosexual Church," the "Liberation Church," and so on (p. 86).
    Being a big church makes for big problems. Behind this monolithic structure are powerful forces that would move the church in various directions to fulfill the whims or desires of certain classes. How do you keep everybody happy and from jumping over the tracks? It is not easy to do.

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Pope John Paul II

When Wojtyla took office, everybody thought that he would turn his attention to all the contentious fragments of the church and try to use the "keys of Peter" to lay down the law to his troops and end the internal hemorrhaging.

It is logical for the physician to first heal himself before he turns to heal the world of its ills.

Wojtyla had other priorities. He became a contradiction and an enigma to his friends and foes alike.

    Martin says, "What lay at the heart of that towering dimension of John Paul’s vision of the near future that so many would have given so much to fathom? A vision of his own about the way our human affairs would go in the not distant future. From the moment John Paul answered ‘yes’ to the ritual Conclave question ‘will you accept the papacy?’ asked of him in 1978, he placed everything that had been entrusted to him as Pope on the line in his decision to enter that same grand-scale, winner take-all competition" (p. 87).
    Wojtyla was not going to address the internal conflicts of the church, but he was going after the geopolitical world to fashion it as his vision led him. He believed he was being guided even as Constantine was, when under the cross he was told "by this sign conquer."
    The "winner take all" philosophy is simply this: Once you have established yourself in the political scheme of things, particularly in the New World order, then you can easily take care of religious matters. Once you are seated on top of the political hill, you can then line up the opposing forces within the church and those outside of the church. Then they will listen. Nothing succeeds like success. And nothing succeeds without power.
    Wojtyla and his successors know they cannot heal the internal problems facing the church unless they position themselves in political power on a world scale. Once one has that position, then he can speak with all the weight of authority to those pulling the church apart within and those hostile to the church without. In essence, while the Pope claims the authority of Peter, he knows that doesn’t play well without political power. Once enthroned in power, then his claim to have the "keys of Peter" is suddenly more believable. That is the pope’s and his successors game plan in world affairs.
THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD goes into a lengthy description of Pope Wojtyla’s involvement on the geopolitical scene. Needless to say, it is very informative. Without the time or desire to get involved in the geopolitical movements of Wojtyla, suffice it to say he is known as the socialist pope.
    The pope’s lengthy review of world ills might very well parallel the writings contained in
THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. They both speak of world poverty and lay blame on the Western World.
THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD, there are two chapters on The Morality of Nations: Rich Man, Poor Man ... Beggar man, Thief. You guessed it; the Western World is cast in the role as a thief and the have-not nations as beggar men.

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The present pope speaks out for the poor and underprivileged of the world in no uncertain terms.

He asks the Western nations to cease getting things for the cheapest price they can extract and to pay the have-not nations a just price for their resources.

    Contrary to church history, when the church lived deliciously with the "kings of the earth," we see this pope making "sweet music" to all the oppressed and poor people of earth.

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Identifying the "Four Winds of Earth"

    They are called the "The powers of the airthe fallen angels, who have been under the control of Satan" (Reprint 5470:1; 5318:4; 4880:6; 4822:6; QUESTION BOOK 737:3; 623:4). When they are fully loosed, they will constitute the "whirlwind" which will take Elijah to heaven (Reprint 4822:6). Wars, violence, strife, and anarchy are also descriptive of what it will be like when the "four winds" are released.
    We have to keep in mind that there are two sides of the coin here. One side, the demons and their false teachings being placated as they see progress in reaching their goals, and the other side, the desperation and anger which will occur when they see their cause is going down in defeat.
    When they perceive they are going down, then the losers will turn their energies for destruction, that is when the "whirlwind" occurs. As long as they perceive they are making some progress in grabbing power and influence in world affairs, they will not explode into "whirlwind" violence.
    The Pastor did make some projections as in Reprint 5753:2 that "the present European war is the letting loose of the four winds." Because he believed the end was very near at the time, he felt his task was to look at all possibilities. However, he always tied the "loosing" to the "sealing of the saints," and hence, looking back we have no reason to believe the 144,000 were "sealed" back there. If so, most of us could not be of the "Little Flock."

Storm.jpg (1776 bytes)

In QUESTION BOOK, p. 738:T, Bro. Russell says: "The wind has not yet been allowed to blow, the great storm which they willingly would brew has not yet been allowed to come to pass, and will not be allowed to come to pass until the 144,000 shall have been sealed in their foreheads."

    We cannot bring Bro. Russell’s evaluation to present circumstances, so we must see what forces are at work in the world today. The "four angels" being held back are labeled certain failure. As long as the "four winds" are having some success, they will be restrained. When failure is certain, they have nothing to lose and will explode, hoping to take everyone down with them.

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The Piggyback Globalists 
Endeavoring to Influence the 
Open Christian World

    In THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD John Paul identifies three groups which threaten the Western Christian World: the Humanists, the Mega-Religionists and the New Agers (Eastern religions).
    The Mega-Religionists was first formed in 1893. It started with the Parliament of World Religions which Bro. Russell reports on in
THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, p. 182. 00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes)
    These are three religious forces that are trying to penetrate Satan's Western Christian world to weaken it. However, unlike the old days of colonial empires, when armies and navies were used to go forth into the world, by way of contrast, these mind-controlling forces ride piggyback on the structural setups of everyone else’s organization, "whispering sweet universalisms into the ears of their leaders and adherents" (p. 292-3).

    (1) Humanism (Paganism) 

    Its siren call is not to be holy, but to be happy. It flourishes in Western schools to sabotage Christianity. "In the certainty that all the glory of life is right here, and right now." "It is directed against any notion of divinity that does not make God an integral part of this exclusive human cosmos. Beings loosely called spirits or devils or devas are not necessarily excluded. In fact, they are essential to New Agers. But because they, too, are conceived as constituent parts of man’s universe, they are tolerated even by Humanists." (p. 294)
    The Humanist (Pagan) religion is one part of the evil spirit world. This book shows how John Dewey started the concept that human perfection is to be attained by human efforts in this cosmos. Paul Kurtz went further, saying, "It is not liquidation the Humanists should seek, but the transformation, control, and direction of all associations and institutions.... This is the purpose and the program of Humanism." (p. 295)
    This started humanists on the way to taking over the educational systems, the courts, and all institutions they could take over in the Western World, even as it had taken over the Communist nations.
    Humanists use piggyback tactics to promote their revolution
"through public education; federal, state and municipal administrations; publicity, advertising and entertainment; churches, cultural and political associations, colleges and universities. Nothing could be exempt" (p. 295).

School.jpg (23486 bytes)

John Paul read and reread the Humanist Magazine, which said, "The classroom must and will become the area of combat between the rotting corpse of Christianity ... and the new faith of Humanism."

Clearly this was an attempt to weaken the Christian forces of the Western world.

    "There are over 60 Humanist organizations, bloodlessly and carefully flourishing in 23 countries. Humanist forces are blowing in all four "winds of earth." (p. 295) 
    Humanist agendas in an open Western society have gained ground and are calculated to weaken Christian influences. It has little effect on the Islam world that is very closed.

    (2) Mega-Religionists

     "Where the Humanists have a respectable sixty or so groups around the world, the Mega-Religionists have some five hundred. Take their ability to ride piggyback on the structural setups of governments, religions and associations already in place around the world. Where the Humanists must seek the control and direction of such institutions in the best way they can, Mega-Religionists are very often expected toand docontrol and direct those institutions as a matter of course." (p. 297)
    A list is given of some of the Mega-Religionists' beautiful people in this world: Yehudi Menuhin, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, Henry R. Luce, George Meany, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, Pierre Trudeau, Robert McNamara, John D. Rockefeller," etc. p. 298.

    The Mega-Religionists serve two purposes. 
    (1) To keep the five thousand world religions pacified or at least from going after each other's throats. Religions are nasty and brutal forces in this world. Hence an extravagant effort is put forward to homogenize religion to make it less explosive. Mostly in Western culture where it is permitted freedom it serves to weaken the Christian influences in the world.
    (2) By pushing pluralism in religion it prevents Christian forces from controlling civil institutions such as schools, courts, etc., which they once did control.

    Quoting further:  "Humanists are still preoccupied with what they call the ‘bane of religion.’ The Mega-Religionist mind, by contrast, is devoted to the proposition that comfort is not always as exclusively physical as Humanists like to insist. Religion, too, is essential to the comfort of human civilization, and to the comfort of its differing cultures. It’s just that separate religions are neither necessary nor desirable. In fact, for the sake of peace, all religions must fuse into one great religionone Mega-religionas quickly and painless as possible." (p. 298)
    The Mega-religionists want all religious groups to pull for one world government in a united front. It knows it is virtually impossible to harmonize all the religions, but by this pretense it weakens the bid of the Western Christian world to control the governments of earth. It has succeeded in robbing the churches from control over many institutions they once dominated.
    The recent gathering in 1993, on the 100th anniversary of world religions held in Chicago, is a part of this Mega-Religion replay of the 1893 conference Bro. Russell wrote about as aforementioned. After 100 years, we saw how far Mega-Religion has penetrated the religious thought and the world order.
    Pope John Paul realizes these forces have penetrated deeply into the churches, deeply weakening the Catholic Church
about which he is not very happy. It clearly is a thorn in the side of the Christian churches. Everyone knows you cannot homogenize all world religions and sterilize their hostile intentions, but in pretending to do so, it relegates the once powerful churches into just one of many religionsa very successful ploy.

    (3) New Age

    Unlike the Humanists or the Mega-Religionists, they have no geopolitical power groups and not much glitter to speak of. Their success is proof of its appeal to the common man.
    John Paul says if  "it ever came to a contest between the Humanists, the Mega-Religionists and the New Agers, New Age would win the prize for riding atop everyone else’s organizational systems, and co-opting the members of those organizations into the quest for the mystically material glory of the New Age."
    The first point of the New Age is: 
   "There is no reality beyond this world. No cheating and no pretending. Everything ... is exclusively human [not too different from the Humanists]."

Evolution.jpg (12656 bytes)

The second principle is even more important than the first.

It teaches man is an "animal evolving on an upward curve of increasing, all-inclusive perfecting that will result, very soon now, in millennial conditions for humankind."

    The Roman Church has within it New Agers as well as Mega-Religionists. Roman Catholic New Ager, Matthew Fox, quoting a witch named Starhawk, said, "The New Age will be one in which no one is ruled or ruler, where no promise of Heaven offers us false compensation for our present pain, but where we tend together the earth’s living, fruitful flesh." (p. 307)
    According to the Catholic estimate, the New Agers number in the hundreds of millions and are sprouting like mushrooms in the Western world, but also among the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indians and the Africans.
    The Humanists and the Mega-Religionists tend to appeal to the middle and upper-middle classes. The New Agers seem to have something for everyone. The free Western Christian world is perfect for spreading New Age religion because unlike the Muslim world where all freedom is prohibited, the Christian world is open to anything and everything. This is an evil force weakening the Christian churches' influence. Keep in mind that Satan has been the creator of the World Christian Churches as a power in the earth. Hence, the demons in attacking the Christian forces are weakening his kingdom.
    The above three categories are all out to contain and weaken the Roman church and main-line Protestants. On the cover of
THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD it says, "Pope John Paul II versus Russia and the West for control of the New World Order." As this book portrays, the contestants in the struggle for global domination is real.

Fatima.jpg (8570 bytes)

According to Wojtyla, to make a long story short, all the players will ultimately fail to attain the global aspirations they seek and in the end the Roman Church (and it might be surmised that will include those mainline churches in its circle) will prevail, because the pope holds the "keys of Peter" and divine providence will intervene in the ultimate success of the church.

He also bases this on the last vision of Fatima which forecasts the troubled times through which the church would pass until it is at last vindicated.


    Of course, we have another view here. Whatever solace the thought of having Peter’s keys may bring them, we hold they shall be very disappointed when they open the box to secure the keys, they will not find them there. Christ has them and always will have them.
    The mainline churches still believe they have a mission to establish God’s Kingdom on earth, and their cry is the "Kingdom Now."

    The four possible identities of the "four winds" blowing toward the "earth" are the Christian Western World, the Far Eastern world (Hindu, Shinto, New Age, etc.), the Muslim World (Islam religion) and the Humanist World (communists, socialists). 
The direction of all these religious powers is not just religion for religion's sake, but rather a global scheme to dominate the civil quarters of the earth in its New World order. All of these forces are awake and active in endeavoring to grab control of the world.


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