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Part I

Why Is Our Text Mentioned
Under the Sixth Seal?

What Do We Know
about the "Four Winds"?

Part II

"I Have Spread You Abroad"

"Four Winds of Heaven"

Zechariah 6
Spirit World's Influence in Religion

Part III

Daniel's "Four Winds" Abated

The Rulers of Darkness

"Four Corners of the Earth"

Great World Religions

Why "Winds of Earth"
Instead of "Heaven"?

Part IV


A Church Pulled in All Directions

Identifying the
"Four Winds of Earth"

The Piggyback Globalists

Part V

What or Who are the "Four Angels"
Holding the "Winds"?

"Till We Have Sealed the
Servants of Our God"

"Sealing" the Saints

Part VI

"Dragon, Beast and False Prophet"
Revelation 16

Last Plague Poured Out on  the "Air"


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Part V

What or Who are the "Four Angels"
Holding the "Winds"?

    Bro. Russell said the four angels were "agents." We need not think literal angels or powerful spiritual hosts are sent from heaven to hold the "four winds of earth." Rather, any messenger or message serving to restrain these spiritual powers would suffice to fulfill this prophecy.
    We believe the overpowering reason these "four winds" are being held from blowing up a whirlwind of anarchy is the fact that each of them sees they are having a field day in reaching some of their global quests. We believe it is something like this.
    The present Lord has given each of these competing religious segments a long leash. As long as they are running along toward their goals there is no reason to kick up a storm. Their very freedom and success keeps them from turning toward world destruction. They read the message of their success and freedom as being a good reason to show restraint. Why make trouble when you are having success?
    It is when they each come to the end of their leash, and they feel the choking, constraint and failure, they will vent their fury upon the earth like cornered animals.

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Remember Pharaoh. It was his very success in resisting God’s will through nine plagues that made him more determined and strong-willed.

It is the very temporary success of these "four winds" that constrains them from turning violent.

     Each "wind" hears his own angel "message" saying that this is no time for the ultimate confrontation because, after all, you are having some success. When the reality of failure abruptly registers, then the "four angels" will no longer restrain them.

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"Till We Have Sealed the Servants of Our God"
Revelation 7:3

    "Sealing" is the critical part of our study. That is what this whole lesson centers on. Once the "sealing of the saints" is complete, the "four winds of earth" will be permitted to wreak violence and destruction. That will begin the Armageddon crash, when universal anarchy will reign.

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"Sealing" the Saints

    What is meant by "till we have sealed the servants of our God"? Bro. Russell often spoke of "sealing" as an intellectual sealing with the knowledge of present truth. This was the purpose of the harvest work.
    If this definition is viewed too generally, it leaves the impression that many more than 144,000 are "sealed." Many in this harvest time either knew or know the truth, but not all those were faithful to the knowledge they possessed.
    Bro. Russell used this same expression to indicate the full number "sealed" when the "door is shut." In
THY KINGDOM COME, p. 225, he says: "You may know that 'the door is shut,' that all the wise virgins have entered in, that all have been proved, and that all vacancies have been acceptably filled. All the special 'servants of God' having by that time been 'sealed in their foreheads' (given an intellectual appreciation of God's plan), the four winds will be loosed (Revelation 7:3), and will produce the great 'whirlwind.'"
    Here, Bro. Russell ties the "shutting" of the door to the high calling with the sealing work being complete and when the winds will be no longer restrained.
    On p. 212 he says, "God will not permit anything to put an end to his work until it is finished. Then, all the true and faithful servants of God will have been sealed in their foreheads; and, the work of the Gospel age being finished, no more can enter into that work."
    The Revelator confirms this same lesson, telling us, "I heard the number of the sealed, 144,000." (Revelation 7:4, ESV) No less and no more will be "sealed."
This is talking about the ultimate seal, marking them forever as the overcomers of the Gospel age.

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