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Revelation 17
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Part II

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"Ten Horns and the Beast"
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Part II

Verse 7

"And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns."


     The messenger (THE TIME IS AT HAND, Chapter IX, "The Man of SinAntichrist") undertakes to explain this mysterious "woman" to the John class, and also of the "beast" that carries her, which has "seven heads" and "ten horns." That is a big undertaking.
THE TIME IS AT HAND, page 272,00GoldSquare.jpg (705 bytes) we are given this explanation: "We purpose to show that this Man of Sin is a system, and not a single individual, as many seem to infer; that as the Christ consists of the true Lord and the true Church, so Antichrist is a counterfeit system consisting of a false lord and an apostate church." The apostate church is the "woman" of Revelation seventeen.

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The Man of Sin is a System,
Not a Single Individual.

    Again on page 354, we are given the explanation of the "scarlet beast:" "Papacy was rising, supported by the Roman ‘beast’ (people) and by its ‘horns’ (powers)."
    The "Roman ‘beast’ (people)" depicts a people’s form of government, which was in the "bottomless pit" or dormant condition from Constantine to Hitler. This "beast" had no governmental authority and was defunct, but its power remained in the "people and nations and tongues."
    The "woman" rode on the "waters" which are identified as "people." The real authority was in the "dragon" "heads" and the papal "heads" and the "ten horns" that controlled the earth. The only government the "people" had (with the exception of the papal state) was in the hands of civil or papal authority.
    The "seven heads" of the "scarlet beast" were only figure "heads" dominated and subordinated into helpless acquiescence to civil and papal power. The "people" were not represented in civil or religious matters. The "scarlet beast" was muted and powerless in the "pit."
    Notice, however, that it is not dead, only dormant, even as Satan will be dormant in the true Kingdom. The desire and will to be represented in government always existed in the hearts of the people, even as it does today. Nobody wants to be governed by dictators.

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Verse 8

"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is."


    An explanation of the "beast that thou sawest" is necessary. There was a time when this people’s form of government "was"or a time in which the people were truly represented in government. When was that?
    When Rome was a republic, it had a senate composed of the aristocracy called "patricians" and common people called "plebeians." Gradually, prominent statesmen became popular enough to threaten the republic and its senate.
    Julius Caesar was killed because Brutus and his co-conspirators thought that he was popular enough to become emperor and abolish the senate. The fear was real.
Finally, it did happen. Soon emperors or dictators replaced the senate. That is when the "scarlet beast" went into the "bottomless pit" where it languished.
    It "was," or existed, when Rome was a republic before the seven emperors or "kings" arose in Constantine’s time.
    It "is not," or ceased functioning, when Constantine was emperor and until the last dictator Hitler is gone.
     This may need one qualification:

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The French Revolution


During the French Revolution, from CE 1789 until 1799, one tenth of Europe (the French nation "tenth"), the "wild beast" of Revelation 11:13, arose from the "bottomless pit" condition and created great havoc.

    This "wild beast" we believe was identifiable as belonging to the "scarlet beast" of Revelation seventeen. It was pagan in nature and very angry at the powers that suppressed it. However, the time for their full release must wait until all "seven kings" or emperors have fallen. That brings us to our time.
    While this "scarlet beast" was in the bottomless pit, it "was not" in the sense that it was dormant and powerless. The Word of God makes plain that it "shall ascend out of the bottomless pit" for a short while to fulfill God’s purpose. Then it shall go into "perdition" (destruction).
    The time when this "scarlet beast" arises from the "bottomless pit" is the Christian’s time clock. We will know exactly the time of day it is when we see the "beast" return from its dormant position to live again in its fury.

"And they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is."

    This verse may seem to imply personal foreordination, but the seven promises of Revelation are given to "overcomers," and none are given to the elect. However, God did foresee a class from the foundation of the world who would be his elect and precious followers.
    Those who make their "calling and election" sure will fill God’s foreordained purpose. Those in this class will not be at a loss to fathom the "scarlet beast's" returning to power. No, they will be awaiting its return. All others will be amazed at this wild "beast" suddenly rising from the "pit."

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Verse 9

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."


    Here the angel draws near to God’s people and tries to impart information very clearly so that we may be wise. You know what Daniel said: "The wise shall understand." This verse tells us: "The seven heads are seven mountains [governments], on which the woman sitteth."
    Which head or government first gave a place for the "woman" to "sit"? Would you concur that it was Constantine and the empire under him? Obviously, the answer is, yes.
    Who was the last dictatorship that the "woman" rode upon? The Nazi-Fascist regime was in a concordat with the pope (1929 and 1933), and at no time renounced it. The Catholic Church justified her alliance with the axis powers because she claimed they were a hedge against communism.

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The First King

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The Seventh King


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Verse 10

"And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space."


    Now get your wristwatches out and let the Lord set your prophetic time clock.

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John the Revelator


Where is the Revelator or the John class standing when he says "five are fallen"?

In Revelation 1:10 John says: "I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day." The Lord’s day is the Sabbath day and the 1000-year day of his kingdom.

So John is seeing this vision on the beginning of the Lord’s day. We believe that is 1874.

    What five kings had already fallen at that point of time?
    (1) Constantine, (2) Valentinian, (3) Justinian, (4) Charlemagne and (5) Napoleon.
    "And one is:" The Victor Immanuel II government was in power and his line continued in Immanuel III.
    However, Bro. Loomis later felt that Austria-Hungary better filled that role because it was more influential (Reprint 3984, col. 1, par. 3 and 5829, col. 1, next to last par.) and it, together with France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, was willing to accept the Catholic Church as a partner with the state. Assuming the latter is true, the sixth head would be Francis Joseph who dated from 1848-1916. At any rate, the prevailing power in 1874 would have to be the sixth "head" in power.
    Then we are told about the last head: "The other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space."
    The Nazi regime had its shadowing beginning in 1920. In 1921 Hitler was named Leader of the Nazi party. Hitler ran for President in 1932, the year the Weimar Republic collapsed. On March 23, 1933 Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany and became dictator of Germany and lasted until 1945, a very short space in relation to the length of other "heads" with their "kings." Fascist Italy also joined this unholy alliance in solid union with the "woman."
    We notice something else. For the first time in this chapter "seven kings" are mentioned. As there are only seven "heads," so there are only seven "kings"
an emperor or king for each government or "head."
    In that there are only seven "heads," "mountains," and "kings," their eighth condition will be as Bro. Russell says: the "beast without a head
either a republic or anarchy. If a republic, we shall shortly expect anarchy." (Reprint 2062:6 or HARVEST GLEANINGS 20:5)
    When the last "head" and "king" shall have come and gone, then we must wait until the "scarlet beast" without a head emerges in Europe as a socialist republic. When this happens we may set our clocks when these "ten kings" emerge and give their "power and strength unto the beast," for then they will "make war with the Lamb."
    The moment of action and conflict will come when these "ten kings" or temporal rulers of Europe agree to political unity. They are already agreed on a common currency, which is working surprisingly well. This is called the Economic Monetary Union (EMU). It has coined a currency called the Euro.
     German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder revealed what his design was when he said: "The Euro can be a success only with greater political union. It is not enough to simply coordinate monetary policy." (Reuters, Dec. 29, 1998. The Philadelphia Trumpet, Feb. 1999, p.14) His is not just a lone voice crying in the wilderness.
    German Foreign Minister Gunther Verheugen echoed the same sentiments saying: "Normally, a single currency is the final step in a process of political integration. This time, the single currency isn’t the final step, but the beginning. Inevitably it will happen." (PA News, Jan. 1, 1999. The Philadelphia Trumpet, Feb. 1999, p. 14)
    Also Johannes Rau, a leading member of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s Social Democratic Party, was elected Germany’s eighth post-war president May 23, 1999. Everything is shaping up for a power grab.
    Some thought perhaps that France’s Miterrand (now deceased) would begin this movement. He was more of a philosopher than a man of dynamic action, and little happened under his leadership. However, Germany’s Schroeder is a man of untiring ambition and design. There can be no doubt that he is lining up the nations of Europe to create a political union of nations, or a republic with socialism as a common ideology.
    Needless to say, this is with the pope’s blessing. If and when this republic emerges with a united people’s government, we can set our clocks for action. Whether it will be Schroeder or someone else yet to come to power, clearly the present momentum will continue until "ten kings" give their power and strength to the "beast."
    The original people’s government of Rome was pagan. We believe that humanism is a modern paganism that has extended influence on the nations. As with the Roman Empire, for a time paganism and Christianity co-existed with a certain amount of enmity. Christianity suffered, but also gathered strength and numbers.
    As we shall see, these "ten kings" will not immediately turn against the "woman." No, their first concern will be to placate the "woman" while they strengthen themselves as a world power.
    The "woman" will remain aloft this "scarlet beast" until she seduces these "ten kings" to make war on the "Lamb." That will be the "woman’s" fatal mistake. The "ten kings" will lose that war, as you obviously might guess.

    Then the "ten kings" and "the scarlet beast" in unison will vent their rage on this "woman." Now let us go to Revelation 17:11.

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Verse 11

"And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition."


     That is short for telling us that while the "seven heads," "seven mountains" and "seven kings" are in power, the "scarlet beast" will remain in the "bottomless pit." Know, therefore, that after the last of the "seven" emperors are expired, the "scarlet beast" will start to emerge.
    Let us note this verse very carefully. It says: "The beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition." When the "scarlet beast" is delivered from the "bottomless pit," he will become the "eighth" succession of government over the Roman Empire.
    Notice, it does not call it a "head" but only "eighth" (ruling power
)obviously without a "head" or emperor "king" ruling the "beast." Remember that this "beast" was a republic originally, and it shall be a republic once again.
    Consequently "ten kings" shall arise to govern. We are approaching the time when "ten kings" will agree to give their power and kingdom unto a people's republic.
    "And is of the seven"
what does this mean? It is not a head and is nowhere called a "head." Remember, John carefully tells us there are only "seven heads" and "seven kings" and "seven mountains." There are no more than this.
    It is of "seven" in the sense that during the closing days of the fourth "head" (the Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire), "the wild beast" rose up during the French Revolution (1789-1799) in a "tenth" part of the Roman empire. Royalty and priestcraft were savagely attacked.
    This was a miniature of what it would be like when the "scarlet beast" and the "ten kings" turn on the "woman." History cast its shadow before it. What happened back there was a shadow of things to come.
    During that uprising, the people were organized by brilliant pagan leaders, men of letters, who stirred the passions of the people to throw off the bonds of priestcraft and royalty. The savagery of that time was casting its shadow before it.


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