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Revelation 17
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"Ten Horns and the Beast"
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Part V

Verse 18

"And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth."


    Here we are given a clear definition of this "woman." What other "woman" or church reigned over the "kings" of the so-called "Christian world"?
    The Roman Catholic Church was first seated in the Roman government in CE 325 and remained trafficking in world affairs until this present time.
    This "woman" has ruled over the seven emperor "kings" or "heads" throughout the history of the Roman Empire until the present time. She ruled over the "ten horns," or the territorial rulers of the Roman Empire, as well.

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Just a note of observation, the Revelator does not actually identify the historical "ten horns" as kings, even though they ruled contemporaneously with the "seven heads" or "kings."

The Revelator reserves the title "ten kings" for those "ten" rulers or "kings" that have received no kingdom as yet.

Hence, the Revelator carefully uses the title of "ten kings" in making it clear that these are those "kings" who come to power after the fall of the last "head," the Nazi-Fascist regime in 1945.

    Oddly enough, these "ten kings" exist before they receive power as "kings one hour with the beast." After the fall of the Nazi-Fascist governments of Europe, we found Europe a loose mixture of nations under no "head" or "king."
    Most of the nations of Europe became independent republics. The only organization they belonged to was the NATO military alliance for mutual defense against the communist block of nations. The idea of a United States of Europe had been entertained from time to time.
    In recent years, the European block of 11 nations moved to create a common currency called the Euro. This has successfully been accomplished. Suddenly these nations are finding it economically feasible to move toward a common government, a republic of Europe.
    When this happens we will know the end is near. It will be when these "ten kings" who have received no kingdoms decide to subscribe to a common government and give their independent nations to this "scarlet beast" republic.
    This union will not occur because the nations are religiously inclined. They are not. These European nations are largely neo-pagan with only a form of Christian religion. This union is driven by economic necessity.
    The United States has become the leading economic powerhouse of the world. We see that nations like Russia, who tried to live by communist ideologies, collapsed because they were not economically viable. They virtually went bankrupt.

Economics rule the world.

Ideologies, religion and nationalism are no longer the engines that move the world.

The good life depends on robust economics.

The powerbrokers of the world need finances to fuel world economies. That is where the bankers and money comes in.

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    Economic forces move the world, and bankers and finance move the economic forces. It is a marriage of money and industry. Industry makes money, and the bankers keep industry generously supplied with the finances needed to keep the wheels of industry turning.
    This marriage has not produced happiness, but has given people more possessions than they have ever had in history. The neo-pagan theory is that he who dies with the most things wins.
    In conclusion we have in this chapter the complete story of this "woman" from her first seat in the Roman Empire under Constantine until at last, under the "ten kings," she is pillaged and destroyed.
    In this chapter the Revelator tells us how, when and by whom this "woman" meets her bitter end. We get the whole story of both the "woman," the Catholic Church, and then the "Man of Sin," the Papacy under the headship of the pope.
    Revelation seventeen tells us how the "woman" is destroyed and Revelation nineteen tells us how the "Man of Sin" is destroyed.
    We rejoice to have the absolute knowledge that following the destruction of both the "woman" and the "leopard beast," the kingdom will unfurl its flag of triumph over the world. Then surely will come the answer to that prayer, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven."
    "The woman" is that "great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth." A city is a government. This "woman" controlled governments and people’s lives on a worldwide basis in Christendom. She has been involved in endless wars and never ending persecution of those unwilling to bow to her excessive demands. She posed as a "dove," but in reality was deadly as a poisonous serpent.
    The kingdom of God cannot come to its own until this "woman" is destroyed. The kingdom of God cannot come to its own until the papal "Man of Sin" is destroyed.
    Let us rejoice, for we are standing at the moment when the tide of battle turns to vindicate our King and Kingdom. It has been a long and seemingly never-ending reign of these evil forces controlled by the devil. We stand on the threshold of victory. Let us stand up and be counted as those enlisted under our King.

    This poem illustrates Revelation 17.

"There was a young lady from Niger

Who smiled as she rode on a tiger,

They returned from the ride with the lady inside,

And the smile was on the face of the tiger."

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    A good ending!


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