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Part I

Revelation 17
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Part II

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Part III

Verse 12
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Part IV

Verse 15
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"Ten Horns and the Beast"
Verse 17

Part V

Verse 18


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Part III

Verse 12

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom [as yet]; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast."


    Since World War II ended we saw republican governments emerging, but not until now do we see the "ten kings" who have "no kingdom" organizing to form a republic of nations by subscribing to political unity.
    When the "scarlet beast" finally emerges from the "bottomless pit" in strength, the lesson of verse 11 is that there will be no "head" over it, that is, no emperor to order its affairs. It will be a headless "beast." Instead of one governing head, it will have "ten kings" who at last attain a kingdom.
    The reason the "King of kings" does not destroy this "beast" when it makes war with him is because the real reason this pagan "beast" is allowed to appear again is to destroy the "woman."
    The "King of kings" overcomes this "scarlet beast" and only after this does this "beast" and the "ten kings" turn on the "woman" to destroy her. Then the "scarlet beast" goes into perdition.
    "One hour with the beast" has been and is a challenging time period to figure out. Bro. Loomis tried to make all the "hour" periods mentioned in Revelation equal in length.
    The "hour of temptation" covered the whole harvest period and is a long period of time. If this explanation be true, it would mean that everything happens during the harvest "hour." That is still a viable explanation. If this be true then the "ten kings" would receive "power" during this "hour" and not necessarily for the duration of the "hour."

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Jezebel thrown out of the window by her eunuchs.


    There is the possibility that this "hour" of verse twelve may in fact be a shorter period of time. It could be one-twelfth of one year or one month. It didn’t take long to throw Jezebel out the window. The point needs to be studied further.

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Verse 13

"These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast."


    Here a united Europe is forecast. When the political union of European nations occurs, it will not be half-hearted. All "ten kings" shall agree. Now it is hard to get people to agree to anything, even Bible Students. But here the unity is clearly defined without qualification. They do "have one mind."
    When a group is of one mind, it makes it easy for them to give "their power and strength unto the beast," to this common form of government. When nations are willing to pool their "power and strength," that makes them a formidable foe indeed. They are united for the purpose of making war.
    However, in this case they are ill advised in their union and purpose. They haven’t the foggiest idea of the power of the one they are planning to attack.
    Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, even though he had superior numbers. His demise was not predictable. However, the battle these "ten kings" are committed to is very predictable. The "ten kings" don’t have a prayer. They are doomed to be defeated. It is not a good idea to make "war with the Lamb."

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Verse 14

"These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and Kings of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen and faithful."


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Lord of Lords, and King of Kings


    Obviously, these "ten kings" are not apprized of the formidable opponent they have chosen to attack. They are badly informed and their intelligence is in short supply. They would not knowingly blunder this badly.
    They are led to believe the enemy is only a few weak saints that they can crush easily under foot. They fail to see the "Lord of lords and King of kings" standing behind this handful of saints.
    However, the Lord easily "overcomes" them. He thwarts their purpose without destroying them. As a matter of fact, the Lord then engages these "ten kings" and the "scarlet beast" to serve his purpose.
    In verse 14 we are given a very significant piece of information. When "the Lord of lords" is besieged by these "ten kings," we are told that "they that are with him are called, chosen and faithful." In times past this was not true.
    This war does not take place until the "sealing" of the 144,000 is actually accomplished. There are only 144,000 sealed
no less and no more. This is not talking about those with some knowledge of the truth. Many more than 144,000 have had knowledge of the truth throughout the age.
    Only 144,000 thousand are finally "sealed." That will be when the door to the high calling is closed, while some saints still remain in the flesh.
    We know the "ten kings" are overcome or defeated, but not destroyed in their conquest against Christ. We are not sure if any of his saints will remain in the flesh after the attack is made against the King of kings.
    The next sequence of this story shows the "ten kings" and the "beast" attacking the "woman." This may mean that the saints in the flesh will have passed beyond the veil, while the "Lord" enlists the "ten kings" and the "beast" to savagely turn on the "woman" and destroy her.
    In two types we find this "woman" outlives both Elijah and John the Baptist. The Elijah type shows the saints being taken by God to heaven in a "whirlwind"
a rather triumphant exit. The John the Baptist type shows the saints falling in death by the wiles of Herodias.

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Elijah taken in a "whirlwind."

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John the Baptist beheaded.

     The two types show two views of the saints passing from the world.
     From God’s standpoint they are taken victoriously to heaven.
    From the world’s viewpoint the saints fall in defeat before this "cursed woman" who plots to have the civil authorities "behead" the saints.


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